Salute the troops

Hello again, it’s me, Michelle. Ned and Kirsten have wrapped up their summer internships at and are headed back to their universities. Didn’t they do a great job blogging about Obama?

Back when Barack Obama was running for president, he said he would withdraw combat troops from Iraq. And now, that is becoming a reality. On August 31, the United States’ combat mission in Iraq will come to an end.

“At this key transition point, it is important to show our support to the troops and their families,” the White House says on its website. How to show your support? The White House provides tips on how to craft a message to American soldiers via YouTube, Facebook, Twitter or Flickr.

President Obama is expected to mark the August 31 end of combat operations with a televised speech to the American people.

14 thoughts on “Salute the troops

  1. it’s good that obama ended this war. I hope obama wins again in 2012. I Pray that their is peace in the middle east.
    obama cares for americans and I do not care if he’s a muslim or a jew or a christian .
    he’s the best america has.

  2. great job mr. president obama. thanks to all our troops who protected us and God bless them and God bless america.
    I am so happy that our troops are coming home. please NO more wars !!!!

  3. Barack Obama is bringing back soldiers
    August 19th, 2010

    Joy here, joy there, to end the war
    To come home, to families near!
    That is the best wish for a soldier
    To taste life by ending death fear!

    Bush made mess and he did the wars
    Barack Obama is bringing back American soldiers!
    One made death squads and the other for peace
    To calm down worldwide, all families!

    Longer than WW one and WW two
    Sophisticated governments against ordinary foe!
    Bush people all, made one big tie
    To let Saddam and his folks to die!

    Made conspiracy, untrue allegation
    That, Saddam got Weapons of mass destruction!
    For their lies, war, jump and song!
    War monger big guys were totally wrong!

    What they got, what they brought
    What civilization, education, they taught!
    All were fooled with worldwide intelligentsia
    Governments, Christianity, Religions, Media!

    In a ferocious war, Bush and his gang
    They did violations for one Saddam to hang!
    Tons of decorations for destruction and pain
    To kill Iraqis and that Saddam Hussein!

    Saddam was OK to run his nation
    But he was against Bush-peoples fashion!
    Against Bush, Blair and their ill policy
    To salute their high nose and supremacy!

    President Obama promised and he is bringing
    Parents are happy, wives are waiting!
    All those children in a foreign country
    No more with blood game, no more dirty!

    Awaiting soldiers, home to reach
    To see love ones, to see families!
    In that nightmare, to kill or to be killed
    A forceful duty will be sealed!

    Joy here, joy there, to end war
    To come home, to families near!
    That is the best wish for a soldier
    To taste life by ending death fear!

  4. Obama is a man of his word, he speaks and meets ….
    Congratulations Mr. President

  5. Todays turmoil was man made. All such havoc was created because of the pushing of some whimsical ignorants who volunteered to tell the United States how to run the Foreign policy of United Satates. For example Ahmed Salabi of Iraq, the thief was one of those rats. Role of Pakistan’s president Parvez and CIA agent Bin-Laden was not satisfactory. Besides, hatred of various religious groups and some NGO people added on to influence Bush regime. Obviously, the previous regime failed to handle over all situation properly. No historian can glorify BUSH’S failure and political dysfunction. Wake up people and try to be rational. Donh’t stain your hand with blood anymore!

    Anybody who wants to manipulate and use US Soldiers for own religious and financial goals are possitively selfish and anti-humanity. After such a destruction on Earth, some ignorants still trying to play dirty game at the cost of US solders and US money.

    I want to tell them, “Back up! Give it up”, Enough blood spilled! You can’t tell Obama what to do like you told to Bush. Obama is well aware of circumstances”!

  6. America showed enough love and affection to others, considering their helpless situation. But were they helpless? After they go US fund did they want to change?

    They are just becoming more and more fanatic and foolish. Look, they even can’t spell Obama’s name right. This is what comes in return after America feed them and give them technology and or education.

    I would suggest to Kirsten Salyer to not to stain this very important page with those who can’t express themselves. This is not a school for them. They should have proper schooling in their own domains or in other blogs. Also, people who got hate and jealousy with our beloved President OBAMA should not have a room in here. They rather find others to fit in but i doubt about it.

  7. Yeah, isn’t it also nice to know that Obama just let an unknown large number of insurgents who want to destroy everything the US worked so hard to build up & secure in Iraq, know when he planned to pull us out (whether Iraq was ready or not), so they could go right back in & cause more trouble and oppress the people of that country! I bet the Iraqis are thinking, “Here we go again! We’re getting left to those who will take us down & oppress us once more! Thanks again for the “Help” America!”
    Thanks Obama for wasting all that time, effort, & money the US and its military put in to that country to get it on it’s feet! But, of course, you’re used to wasting the taxpayers money anyway aren’t you along with numerous Iraqi lives?

  8. Hope that the people of Iraq would change attitudes toward America but still takes time. Inner feelings of loss will not be able to restore within a short time.

  9. obama do not you burn the Quran, because you are damned for life ………….. and you will go to hell 100%

  10. Are you not tired of seeing young American lives being wasted?? Vote for life , be positive, Think of how many young Americans that will never see their families again. Why does America feel that she must solve the world’s problems by losing it’s young men and women. This is too gruesome.