Photo Friday

Here at By the People we spend a lot of time talking about democracy. We talk about civic activism, freedom of speech, and human rights, just to name a few of our favorite topics.

Talking is good, but we wanted to try something different. So we recruited our colleague Jane K. Chun, who is a photographer (a brilliant one, we think you’ll agree), to tell a story about democracy through the use of images rather than words. Once a week, Jane and her camera will bring us a new photo to examine, contemplate, and discuss. We’re calling it Photo Friday.

To start the tradition, Jane went looking for a photo that could serve as the visual representation of the name of the blog, By the People. She found a gathering of people at a popular café in Washington, D.C. and started taking pictures. Have a look below, and tell us what you think. How would you have described “By the People” using an image rather than words?

[image src="" caption="Men and women of all ages and backgrounds participate in “open mic” night at Busboys and Poets, a café in Washington, D.C. Open mic night gives everyone the opportunity to sing, recite poetry, play music or perform in some other way for the audience, and is a popular event in cities across the United States. (State Dept./Jane K.Chun)" align="center"]

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About Tanya Brothen

Tanya Brothen is a blogging enthusiast who began writing for the web on a whim. Now it’s her job.||She recently received a Master’s Degree in International Affairs and works as a New Media Officer for the State Department. Tanya not only writes for By the People, but also acts as the blog’s organizer, keeping everyone on topic and on time. To demonstrate her understanding of democracy, she holds regular blog team meetings and usually listens to what the others have to say.

2 thoughts on “Photo Friday

  1. I would have a photo of a black person performing with most of the audience looking either at one another or studiously away.
    In the past two weeks President Obama has won on healthcare reform, overhauled the student loans system, achieved a nuclear arms reduction treaty with the Russians, announced a huge if controversial expansion of offshore drilling in American waters, faced down Israel’s prime minister over settlements, won Chinese backing for more sanctions over Iran, lectured President Karzai on corruption, added 163,000 jobs to the US economy in the past month –and yet his approval rating at 44% has never been lower.
    It is time that the American people woke up to the fact that they have a great president in the making.

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