Nuclear Crisis in Japan Grows / A Recipe for Peace in Sri Lanka / Air Force One

In Japan, the nuclear crisis grows. The U.S. and Brazil partner to boost the farm sector in Mozambique, while a U.S. groups partners with Ethiopia on a clean water initiative. After decades of conflict, Sri Lanka is showing great economic and developmental promise. An ambitious agenda was set out during preliminary meetings of the Asia Pacific Economic Cooperation forum. And finally, for globetrotting presidents, Air Force One is the perfect ride.

Responding to Japan's Nuclear Crisis

In Japan, Nuclear Crisis Grows
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The Japanese government is telling citizens within 30 kilometers (48 miles) of a damaged nuclear power plant to stay indoors to protect themselves. The March 15 advisory said people near the Fukushima Daiichi Nuclear Plant should attempt to prevent exposure to the colorless, odorless radiation which escaped from reactors.

U.S., Brazil Partner on Farming
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An agricultural collaboration among the United States Agency for International Development, the Brazilian Cooperation Agency and the government of Mozambique is set to bolster the latter’s farm sector. Mozambique imports most of its food, much of it from its neighbor South Africa, but many Mozambicans cannot afford the imported food.

In Ethiopia, a Clean Water Push
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Lori Pappas is the founder of the Global Team for Local Initiatives, which seeks to increase access to drinking water for the people of Ethiopia.

A Recipe for Peace in Sri Lanka
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Sri Lanka’s government needs to hold those who committed injustices and abuses during the country’s civil war accountable and work to create a political climate that will facilitate healing and durable peace, Assistant Secretary of State for South and Central Asian Affairs Robert Blake says. After decades of conflict between the government and Tamil rebels, Sri Lanka is showing great economic and developmental promise that can benefit its whole population, says Blake.

APEC 2011 Concludes
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Preliminary meetings of the Asia Pacific Economic Cooperation forum (APEC), the premier economic organization in the Asia-Pacific region, concluded March 12, setting an ambitious agenda for enhanced partnership in 2011. APEC fosters growth and prosperity by facilitating economic cooperation and expanding trade and investment throughout the region.

President Obama exits Air Force OneAir Force One
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It is unquestionably the most exclusive ride in the world: the gleaming, blue-and-white jumbo jet that answers to the call signal Air Force One.
It’s an American icon, as recognizable as the Statue of Liberty or the Grand Canyon — the airplane that will take President Obama on his second journey to Latin America March 19. At right, Obama arrives at Benito Juárez International Airport in Mexico City, April 16, 2009.

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