A Diwali Message from President Obama

President Obama issued a statement yesterday wishing celebrators around the world a Happy Diwali:

“Tomorrow, Hindus, Jains, Sikhs and some Buddhists, here in America and around the world, will celebrate the holiday of Diwali – the festival of lights.  This is a day when members of some of the world’s oldest religions celebrate the triumph of good over evil.  Last year, I marked this holiday as many will this weekend – by lighting the Diya, or lamp.  This lamp symbolizes the victory of light over darkness and knowledge over ignorance.”

Calling Diwali “a time for reflection,” he said, “This holiday reminds us all that we should commit ourselves to helping those in need.  For many, this is also a time to gather with family and to pray.”

The president begins a nine-day trip to Asia tomorrow, which will take him to four countries including India.  Addressing Indians who celebrate Diwali Obama said in his statement, “To those celebrating Diwali in India, I look forward to visiting you over the next few days.  And to all those who will celebrate this joyous occasion on Friday, I wish you, your families and loved ones Happy Diwali and Saal Mubarak.”

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3 thoughts on “A Diwali Message from President Obama

  1. Nice Article I had never heard of Diwali before. It’s refreshing having such an open minded president .

    • diwali is a hindu celebration like christmas for christians and eid for muslims and hanakka for the jews.