Another Backyard Discussion

After last week’s meeting on the U.S. economy in the backyard of the Nicholas/Armstrong family’s home in Fairfax, Virginia, President Obama visited another local backyard this week.  This time he went to a city called Falls Church, and met with citizens at the home of the Brayshaw family to discuss healthcare. 

The President said, “And what I said to myself and what I said to my team was even as we were dealing with this big crisis — immediate crisis with respect to the economy, we’ve got to start doing something to make sure that ordinary folks who are feeling insecure because of health care costs, that they get some relief.”

After speaking about some of the new rules and protections that went into effect on Thursday under the Affordable Care Act, the President listened to stories of Americans who have benefited from the healthcare law. 

You can read the full transcript of the meeting on the White House’s website.

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4 thoughts on “Another Backyard Discussion

  1. Creo que es un excelente trabajo el que está realizando el Presidente Obama, considero que es necesario mencionar como de gran relevancia el acercamiento que tiene con las personas ordinarias, con los electores, con el Pueblo; comparte sus historias y la difunde a trevés de las redes sociales y los medios de comunicación, esto es algo realmente benéfico para los EEUU y un ejemplo para todos los Países, sus acciones reflejan trasparencia y sencillez, además de su auténtica vocación democrática, felicidades Sr. Presidente Obama

  2. Bravo Mr. President.Keep on reaching on the American people because they are the ones who elected you into office.Don’t listen to those who want to distract you from such a noble cause.I am happy that God brought you in our midst at such a time to help the world.

  3. Am blessed to have lived at this time to witness your leadership,you will be remembered for your visionary leadership at these challeging times in the history of the world keep on fighiting and God bless you.