President Obama Discusses Development at the United Nations

President Obama at the United Nations

President Obama addressed the Millennium Development Goals Summit at the United Nations on Wednesday, where he said the world must do a better job of reaching the goals. In his remarks the President stated, “The United States will do our part. My national security strategy recognizes development not only as a moral imperative, but a strategic and economic imperative.”

Just before speaking to the Summit, President Obama signed the Presidential Policy Directive on Global Development, which identifies development as being vital to U.S. national security and a “strategic, economic, and moral imperative for the United States.” You can read more about this directive in a fact sheet released by the White House.

Under the new U.S. approach, Obama said, success will be measured by actual progress made by developing nations in moving from poverty to prosperity, rather than the amount of aid money spent or food and medical assistance that has been delivered.

You can learn more about the Millennium Development Goals on our sister blog, By the People.

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10 thoughts on “President Obama Discusses Development at the United Nations

  1. First congratulation to Mr. President Barack Obama. I believe he is very BLESSED Person by the Lord.
    the Prophet of Politics Mr. Obama Thursday congratulated our Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina (Another Political Prophet Bongobandhu Sheikh Mujib’s Daughter) for Bangladesh government’s achievements in attaining UN-set Millennium Development Goals (MDGs) on reducing child mortality.
    Mr. Obama Said; “I congratulate you.”
    He had brief interactions with Sheikh Hasina at a reception hosted by UN Secretary General Ban Ki Moon in honor of the world leaders attending 65th session of the UN General Assembly in New York.

    Mr. Obama appreciated our Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina for her leadership in spearheading the campaign for achieving the MDGs within the UN set deadlines of 2015.

    Obama also congratulated Hasina as Bangladesh received the MDG Award particularly for reducing child mortality rate in Bangladesh.

    Hasina invited the Mr. Obama to visit Bangladesh at his convenient time (but I think Mr. Obama hasn’t planned to visit Bangladesh within his current presidential period).

    According to our Prime Minister’s press secretary Abul Kalam Azad’s statements; The President Obama looked very warm and cordial when he approached to our Prime Minister for congratulating her.

  2. It is me Ravi acknowledging Obama on what he has spoken on development. You see UN organization represents nations and not individuals and it is a difficult task for the Secretary General United Nations to come up with a yard stick over the delegates of nations who absorb or stand inherently with their charisma that speaks in diplomatic terms of the international game of power that becomes the resultant for the Secretary General to absorb and then use its carefully worded language that flows as statement of order of its consensus.
    The horizon of consensus becomes the moving time for all to absorb because it conveys the diplomatic crux over the political essence of its dark value in play because by nature, politics is self centered and remains so in degrees of its elevation as the time passes accounting for journalism for the journalists to become feed because nothing moves without feed – not even the stomach that absorbs all the trash as well as the good only for the next day to know how good the food consumed was related with the call of nature. What I am trying to express through this message is that the world of nations requires progressing economically because that is lower arrangement that stands evolved and requires compartmentalizing for its further growth with immunity that it offers in governing terms of nations to step into domains that strengthens economic development with a universal concept at the level of United Nations because United Nations is a meaning that has to give Nations of the world a base where conflicts or grudges expressed should be absorbed as aura of speeches that countries representative come to express with a charge revealing and that revealing should not go un noticed at the political level because the temple of United Nations is meant to absorb all that without a reaction in non political manner because UN by its constitution is supposed to move like that. I am not an Indian mentioning all this and I can say India is the only country that should have been a permanent member of the UN long back and it is America through Obama perhaps realized this truth.
    You see India is a country of diverse culture Secular and the world for the future require her for the future that conveys Hindu/Chini Bhai Bhai in the true sense both in economic and spiritual terms.
    President Obama and Hillary Clinton are on course to build Middle East peace and the great country Russia is also on a build up for peace with America because of Obama – Why was it not there earlier? It is very easy to criticize a President on change over the earlier imperialism of America – well, that was a phase that life had to absorb for the next step to come in for life and that is what both President Obama and Hillary Clinton are trying to execute despite all the odds facing them on the basis of their system that is sensitively alive in democracy – not without flaws if I may say so because American democracy along the course has been sailing pretty all along as the number one nation of the world for maintaining peace for itself. Bush era of 8 years was a turning point for America into change whose architect Obama is on the scene not relished by the Republicans because they find change meaningless and that is the brunt Obama/Hillary are bearing mind you not as status wise but as individuals of caliber for the nation. What their seats offer individually is not the crux – it is understanding that the two rivals on Presidency are together to steer the course of America on change for the world that is genuine and not that was earlier on – I would not mention the Bush Era that witnessed 9/11 and got charged and whose fall out has brought America to a state of change that the world is astonishingly witnessing on the quiet – good because that has to create a feeling overall that America means business with peace and those hurt due to the past of America strategically have to understand that change is not the American President who is bringing about; the change is the Omniscience of life that is using Obama as an instrument of it and that is a thing to rejoice for all for the new era ahead that has already begun and it should be supported by one and all as nations and also internally for America at the level of journalism used to ways in expression for the peoples that exploits sensitivity of democracy that had won President Obama to come in as the transparent President not only for America; also for the world. I hate to use the word “but” and I stay put with it in ending this communication,

  3. we need to stop making bombs and weapons that is a waste of money. why do we want to destory the human race by making weapons and more nukes. do not make or create evil which will harm us all.

    we must all come together . use our minds to save the human race instead of using our minds to destory each other.

    STOP MAKING GUNS AND BOMBS AND NUKES. Lets use our money for ways we can improve the human race

  4. the president obama always prove that he is

    a uniqe president for america. and we as arabe and muslims see that he can achieve
    more for all humanity, he just needs to more time


    By Prof. Moses Isaac Odhiambo 28th September 2010

    President OBAMA addressed the Millennium Development Goals Summit at the United Nations on Wednesday, where he said the world must do a better job of reaching the goals. In his remarks the President stated, “The United States will do our part. My national security strategy recognizes development not only as a moral imperative, but a strategic and economic imperative”. I admired very much the oratorical style of President OBAMA during this UN Forum. He possessed the oratorical talent, the stylistic finesse, the brilliant charm, or the impressive personality so frequently characteristic of the politician who makes his way to the front benches. As per now President OBAMA is earnest and sincere in thought and deed, has the power that comes to one who is thoroughly convinced of the rightness of his political and economic policies for peace and justice internationally, is capable of defending them against all comers, and unwearying in his efforts to give them strategized environmental friendly practical economic development form.

    The Forum which was created in 1946 called UN as – the United Nations – where all nations could join forces to affirm the dignity and worth of every person, and to secure peace and economic technology development for all peoples. Here States could unite to strengthen the rule of law, recognize and address the fundamental basic needs of the poor, restrain man’s brutality and greed, conserve the resource biodiversity and beauty of nature, sustain the equal rights of men and women, and provide for the safety of future generations.

    OBAMA is at the foot steps of the legacy of Great Noble Peace Prize Winners like Kofi Annan, who devoted almost his entire working life to the U.N cannot be forgotten too soon. As Secretary-General, he had been pre-eminent in bringing new life to the organization. While clearly underlining the U.N.’s traditional responsibility for peace and security, he had also emphasized its obligations with regard to human rights. He rose to such new challenges as HIV/AIDS and international terrorism, and brought about more efficient and coherent utilization of the U.N.’s modest resources. In an organization that can hardly become more than its members permit, he made it clear that sovereignty cannot be a shield behind which member states conceal their violations. The U.N. in its history has achieved many successes, and suffered many setbacks due to scrupulous human faults and unforseen natural dynamic laws beyond our control.

    As Mandela once said during his Noble Peace Prize,”We stand here today as nothing more than a representative of the millions of our people who dared to rise up against a social system whose very essence is war, violence, racism, oppression, repression and the impoverishment of an entire people.”
    The 20th century was perhaps the deadliest in human history, devastated by innumerable conflicts, untold suffering, and unimaginable crimes. Time after time, a group or a nation inflicted extreme violence on another, often driven by irrational hatred and suspicion, or unbounded arrogance and thirst for power and resources. In response to these cataclysms, the leaders of the world came together at mid-century to unite the nations as never before.

    Now in the 21 st Century having worked on the Green Paper Policy on EU-Enlargement Network Studies for the last 10 years in Europe I just still fail to understand the economic technology magics of the polity management of some of these guys. See the Sarkozy innovative saga in France deporting 85 000 European Union Gypsies (non-white) despite the amiccable EU-Yaounde Agreement in 1973, French/Germany Delors I and II Charters and finally the consecutive charters of 2004 and 2008 EU Enlargement giving these citizens the right to live anywhere in the EU countries with simple movement of personal identity cards. If even the former dictator Idi Amin Dada- of Uganda”the devils fear him” never had appetite to deport that big number of people/Asians from Uganda why should that happen now in EU especially in France where we pupport to have the Strasbourg Human Rights and Democratic Governance HQS? The UN should answer this question? Our elite beautiful Afro-European ladies fat and model slender ones demonstrating seated nicely and peacefully in French Park with babies on their backs being dragged 20 metres by police on the city street concrete like dogs with rabbies dragging rabbits. No European leader has come straight on this topic, or raised his or her voice though paining. Yes, we have wonderful footballers, singers have they raised their voices?No, Only footballers in a modern way-yes. Where are we heading to in the World of Today? Were these terribly hurt women compensated? NO. The historicists who sit in library long enough to analyze do tell us Hitler and Idi Amin DaDa Ali Haji perhaps behaved that way because of neurological problems of chronic rare Siphyfillis.

    ”No one is born hating another person because of the colour of his skin, or his background, or his religion. People must learn to hate, and if they can learn to hate, they can be taught to love, for love comes more naturally to the human heart than its opposite.”:-NELSON MANDELA

    President OBAMA the earlier you pick the phone and talk World UN Business with these guys the better as they are just lowering the diginity of mankind here. That is to save the child of tomorrow. UN as an umbrella of World sobre polity management of Human Rights and Democratic Governance should now immediately look into some of these affairs. For sure to be sincere with ourselves wherever we are in the World where its real borders are today’s not between nations, but between powerful and powerless, free and fettered, privileged and humiliated. Today, no walls can separate humanitarian or human rights crises in one part of the world from national security crises in another. Scientists tell us that the world of nature is so small and interdependent that a flamingo flapping its wings over the great oceans can generate a violent storm on the other side of the earth. This principle is known as the “Flamingo Effect.” Today, we realize, perhaps more than ever, that the world of human activity also has its own “Flamingo Effect” – for better or for worse. The Legal economic technology reforms package is now needed than never in the World.

    Under the new U.S. approach, President OBAMA said, “success will be measured by actual progress made by developing nations in moving from poverty to prosperity, rather than the amount of aid money spent or food and medical assistance that has been delivered”. Thus, the economic technology development principle is to ensure that all of our activities that are aimed at strengthening the capacity of economy to grow and create event jobs in future, are protected and supported as far as possible. We therefore need to address the constraints to growth and development through succinct justified programs to increase public investment in environmental friendly infrastructure, to deepen the joint stake holder commitment to economic technology skills development, to act urgently on the commitment to introduce effective industrial, or sector strategies, or strengthen existing strategies, and to ensure higher levels of private sector investment and entrepreneurship, to pursue the transformation of informal economy activities and its integration into formal economy, to improve and streamline Government delivery and regulation, to improve economic efficiency, and to commit to macro-economic policies that support decent work and sustainable growth.

    The other reform agenda for many of the developing countries is changing their colonial legislated constitution to fit with the 21st Century of Green Agricultural Revolution and to peg their newly innovative industrial patents to modern technology WIPO Codex Patenting. As for the whole Africa Continent only Kenya has strived currently to fulfill the obligations of Legal Entrepreneurial Reform agenda after hard successful struggle last month in August 2010.

    By Prof. Moses Isaac ODHIAMBO

  6. We, the new african civil leaders, are very thankfull for that remark of the President about what should real developpement policy ber.

    He decides to replace the develeppement aids on their real original road: developpement aid for no more developpement aid needed.

    With that we are hopefull that Africa will not be looser of the American Power centuries.

    Because we think Africa is the only continent that doesn’t get serious and consequent help for statebulding: From Europe to Asia, all have gotten significant American assistant for bulding strong State and good governance for peace and prosperitiy for their people. They just ought to want it.

    Now President Obama declare a new vision of develeppement policy focused not on managing powerty but on:
    - State bulding
    - Creating with local actors the conditions for real developpement.

    Even if colonisation can not be alone the reason of the actual critical situations in most of our countries in African, somewhere the world must check if there were real decolonisation everywhere. The world must hold the colonial power acountable not for colonisation but for their decolonisation policy in each formal colony.

    Then, there are some structural problems that have to do with unwilled decolonisation policy: Structural monetary and financial systems that don’t allow economical and financial souvereign policies that could realy integrate the concerned Countries in the world globalised economie.

    The world must solve defenitly these neocolonial structural problem before any developpement aid or assistance. And we need american security and defense assistance so that we could put all our energie on developpement. Without that, no success in all countries and because of domino or contamination effect, very dangerous for the countries that are successfull.

    The message of the President means somewhere a political revolution for us.

    God bless You Mr President, and God bless your strong and powerfull country.

  7. CAn you give me some valid news release for the MDG award? in obama’r speech at the summit it is no where specified…seems strange