Obama administration bans deepwater drilling

The Obama administration issued its second moratorium on deepwater oil drilling Monday after a federal judge rejected the first ban last month.

The new ban, issued by the Department of the Interior, aims to protect communities, coasts and wildlife by stopping deepwater drilling while oil and gas companies implement safety measures to prevent risks of another spill and officials determine what caused the BP explosion on April 20.

U.S. District Judge Martin Feldman rejected the administration’s first moratorium after oil services and shipbuilding companies sued on grounds that it there was not adequate reasoning and it would have a permanent effect on the economy of the Gulf region. An appeals court refused to reinstate the ban last week.

The revised moratorium would allow some drilling rigs to resume operating if they have adequate plans and resources to prevent and recover from a spill. But the ban, which will be in effect until Nov. 30, will likely still face opposition from commercial interests in the area.

“We know that that is not without some economic consequences to the region,” Press Secretary Robert Gibbs said in a press release Monday. “But it’s imperative that we have a sense of what happened before we continue to do this again.”

Meanwhile, recovery efforts continue. BP installed a new sealing cap Monday, and as of Monday, more than 31.41 million gallons of oily water had been recovered and more than 46,000 personnel were involved in the clean-up effort.

5 thoughts on “Obama administration bans deepwater drilling

  1. Hopefully this country will get more energy reliant and less dependant on the oil gold.

  2. It has been determined that this disaster was due to human neglect. Why is it one trauma causing so much hurt to so many other businesses? This shouldn’t shut down productions from other countries; it should increase their safety precautions.

    I found this here: New drilling moratorium issued as first drilling rig leaves gulf

    I am aware that there are certain risks with off shore drilling that have now been seen; but individuals are forgetting about the benefits to. If our country spent a 3rd of the money they spend assigning blame to creating solutions, we may not need as many payday loans just to survive.

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  4. how american will recover the enviroment degraded by the oil spill in the ocean?

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