Michelle Obama’s advice for graduates

Michelle Obama

As I mentioned earlier, it’s graduation season in the United States, and just as her husband has, the first lady provided inspirational words to college graduates.

Eight months ago, Michelle Obama promised students at George Washington University in Washington, D.C., that if they completed 100,000 hours of community service, she would be their graduation speaker.On May 16, the first lady delivered on that promise, and asked one more request: “Keep going. Keep giving. Keep engaging … It is through the simple act of engaging with your counterparts around the world that you can make the world a safer place.”

“No matter where or how we live, we all have the same dreams: a life of dignity, a chance at opportunity, a better future for our kids,” she said. A transcript of Michelle Obama’s remarks is available on the White House Web site.

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  3. people should learnt that discipline , coupled with initiative,effort and determination can enable an individual to make up for lost opportunity.

  4. Innovation, determination, and a continuing education are all key to the success of any endeavor. Thanks for sharing!

  5. The word of first lady inspire students to do something….. these good motivational words that every student require in his life to get success……

  6. they say a promise is always a debt.Michelle thank you for fulfilling your promise for the graduands.

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    You know, the one the delivering doctor signed.

    What’s up with your college records, Barry?

    Please tell us how you got into Pakistan when Americans were outlawed to do so?

    When did you legally change your name from Barry, Barry?

    Were you really a Professor at the University of Chicago?

    Overall, how’s the poppy fields coming along in Afghanistan? And please tell us how many babies your leadership has killed?

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  10. This family is lucky, This family is wonder, and This family is winner, This family is democrats, and also, This family is peace. Finally, I have no word how to describe Obama family.

    Thank you!
    America live forever!
    Long live for Obama his family and wife and child!
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  11. Michelle Obama is one of the most famous personalities of today. Aside from being the first lady, she’s so active on civic works for the welfare of her people.

  12. Todays student really needs motivational inspirational words to grow in life you have explain them very nicely. – Jamith