Bo Obama Celebrates One Year in the White House


The White House’s famous first dog, Bo, celebrated one year of posh living at the presidential family’s home.

At his acceptance speech after winning the elections, President Obama announced to the nation – and his daughters Malia and Sasha – that they have “earned the new puppy that’s coming with us to the White House.”

After a hotly contested and heavily watched puppy-selection process, the first family chose a Portuguese Water Dog, which was given to them by fellow dog-enthusiast the late Senator Ted Kennedy. He was named after Michelle Obama’s father.

Bo was born Oct. 9, 2008, but arrived at the White House in April 14, 2009. In the United States, dogs are kept as pets and family companions and are often given common names.

Check out more photos of Bo on the White House Web site.

6 thoughts on “Bo Obama Celebrates One Year in the White House

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    Who is next

    Unite and serve .gov

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  3. you lucky dog…i don’t even get to celebrate my birthday in the white house.

  4. Go!! Bo Ob. as you celebrate your one year of posh lifestyle in the White House.

    May all of your kind (including my dogs) tap into your birthday blessings.

    Lall la la


  5. Congratulations Obama. You have completed your one year in White House.